School Policies

At Madonna Catholic School we pride ourselves on our courtesy and respect for one another. This creates a warm and friendly atmosphere that we feel is a necessary characteristic of a Catholic School.

As children called by Christ to be leaders of peace, our goal at Madonna Catholic is to create a safe and caring environment for everyone where improper behavior that alienates others or oneself is not acceptable. We expect everyone to treat each other with respect and dignity. Rather than leading an ‘anti-bullying campaign’, our mandate as a staff is to continually work proactively with all students and in a variety of ways so that students develop the lifelong skills to make appropriate choices for their behavior. When situations do occur in the school, consequences and follow-up will be taken seriously with input from all parties – student, parent and staff.

Although not a formal code at the K-4 school level, students are expected to dress appropriately for school activities. Students arriving at school dressed inappropriately will be asked to change their clothing. Examples of this may be hats or shirts with inappropriate language, graphics, revealing clothing etc. that does not fit with the school catholicity and/or mission.

Inclement Weather Policy

For information on bus cancellations are posted please click bus icon on the left. More information can be found here. 

Winter Weather

Fresh air and play time provide essential breaks for successful learning.Students will be outdoors for recess breaks when the temperature ( including the windchill)  is less than -20 degrees celcius.  If the temperautre is between  -21 to -25 degrees Celsius, students will still be going outside for recess, however the TIME will be reduced.  When windchill factors are -26 degrees Celsius or lower, students will remain indoors. 

Student Drop Off and Parent Parking

Please click here for a detailed map of student pick up and parent parking areas.