Core Courses

Regular Program

The Regular Program

Kindergarten to Grade 4  

Madonna Catholic School is under Elk Island Catholic Schools (EICS).  This is publically funded Catholic Education. 

At Madonna, we provide a wide range of programs to meet the diverse needs of students within the context of a Catholic Christian community. By way of innovative classroom practices and progressive initiatives, Madonna Catholic School engages and inspires each student to reach their greatest potential.

The Regular Program has embraced an inquiry-based learning philosophy, rich in collaborative learning structures.  Students will be immersed in hands-on learning experiences where the content is enriched with activities for the students to make discoveries. The teachers within this program encourage higher-level questioning and allow their students the opportunities to discover their own learning.

Throughout this program, we focus on specific learner attributes: respectful, responsible, risk-taking, diligence, cooperation, and inquiring. This common language transcends through the grades and helps to develop a well-balanced, self-confident learner.

Regular Program Summary:

  • collaborative learning structures
  • hands-on learning opportunities
  • early literacy & numeracy  is supported through teacher instruction and learning centers 
  • French as a Second Language begins in Grade 4
  • students receive  PEW (Physical Education and Wellness) classes daily
  • cross-age activities


Alberta's new K to 4 curriculum is founded on 4 key learning themes: literacy, numeracy, citizenship and practical skills.

These themes are applied in all grades across all subject areas. This new focus ensures classrooms are centres of learning excellence.