Frequently Asked Questions 2022-2023

Q1. What time do school doors open?

A1. Student doors open at 8:30 am when supervision for students begins.  Students will be met outside at that time by their teacher on their assigned colored dot. Drop Off Pickup Map 2022-2023

Q2.  What if my child is late for school?

A2.  At 8:45 am all doors are locked.  Please ring the front doorbell and a staff member will let your child into the school.

Q3.  Are parents/visitors allowed in the school?

A3.  Parents volunteers are welcome as arranged with Teachers. Please ring the doorbell to get into the school.

Q4. Where do I pick-up my child after school?

A4. Parents can meet their child outside on their classes assigned dot. Drop Off Pickup Map 2022-2023

Q5.  What if I have to come pickup my child and they do not know that I will be there? Or am going to be late to pick them up? Or need to pick them up during the day?

A5.  Please just let the office know and we will have your child waiting for you at the appropriate time.  When you arrive ring the front doorbell and a staff memeber will bring you your child.