PUF Pathways for 3 and 4 yr olds

PUF Pathways for 3 & 4 yr Olds 2021 - 2022

This is an Early Learning program where children learn and develop their skills in a play and faith based enviroment supported by a multidisciplinary team.  Assessment clinics will be held this spring to determine eligility.  EICS Inclusive Learning

Please contact Andrea Boyle at andrea.boyle@eics.ab.ca

To help you see how your child is doing compared with other children the same age please visit the following websites:

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Talk Box Newsletter: Four Year Old


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PUF Pathways for 3 & 4 yr Olds 2020-2021

For all students, educational practices should be flexible and responsive to their strengths, needs, and learning preferences.   Flexible Pathways, a new program at EICS, helps create learning experiences to ensure students with complex learning needs are successful (i.e., students with a diagnosed developmental disability). This program strives to balance our vision and values of inclusive education with interventions and strategies of targeted instruction for our most complex learners.  

Our Flexible Pathways program provides a half-day of targeted instruction focused on Literacy, Numeracy, Communication, and Social skills in a structured, yet flexible environment, with experienced teachers giving students the attention and support they need to succeed.  Targeted instruction is complemented by inclusive and authentic learning opportunities that allow students to further explore and develop their interests in school environments with peers and appropriate supports. 

Flexible Pathways also provides a collaborative structure of support including Educational Assistants, Educational and Behavioural Consultants, Speech-Language Pathologists and Speech-Language Pathology Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Low Vision Consultant, and Deaf & Hard of Hearing supports. 

Flexible Pathways is available at the following schools:

Please contact the Principal Mrs. Antoniuk for further information on Madonna Catholic School Flexible Pathways Program.

PUF Pathways 3 & 4 Yr Old Calendar 2020 2021

Pathways Early Intervention/Kindergarten News January 2021