Unique Events

Tournament of Books 2023 is on!

Students will vote on their favorite book until an overall champion is decided. Books in the tournament are:

We Are Together image.png

Its' Me, Henry! 

Best Friend Trouble 

How to Party Like a Snail 

Personal Space Camp 


Grab n Go Breakfast Program

This donation run program provides nutritious items for students every morning.

There are carts located in boot rooms and if students are hungry, they are very welcome to help themselves to 2 items.

The items will be easy to eat and nutritious. Yogurt Tubes, Cheese Strings, granola bars, small oranges or bananas.

All children can have up to 2 items.

Please note that it is always most important that your child has breakfast at home first.

We received a $1000 donation from Walmart and that amount covered breakfast items from November 28, 2022 until the week of January 4th. We are currently awaiting further donations to continue this program.

Flex Programming is Here!

We are excited to provide students with our newly developed Flex Programming Options. This is an opportunity for students to be given choice based on their individual interests. Through the use of project-based learning activities and “flex” time, teachers are able to provide students with extended learning opportunities. 

“The fundamental goal of education is to inspire all students to achieve success and fulfillment, and reach their full potential by developing the competencies of Engaged Thinkers and Ethical Citizens with an Entrepreneurial Spirit, who contribute to a strong and prosperous economy and society.” (Ministerial Order on Student Learning #001/2013)

Through-out the year there will be opportunities to register for various program options.

Flex Programming has previously offered options such as:

  • Coding, Robotics and Bitsboz
  • Student Leadership
  • Paper Mache
  • Plasticine Projects
  • Sewing
  • Handbells
  • Fit Kids
  • Indoor Gardening
  • Story Book Creator
  • Birding
  • Drama Games
  • Lego STEM
  • Earth Club

We are an Apple School

As an Apple School, we at Madonna Catholic School strive to make the healthy choice an easychoice.  Healthy Living activities and information are not only part of our health cirriculum but extended to all areas of our school life.  Healthy nutrition, daily physical activity, and a postivie social environment are highlighted and promoted in our daily announcements, newsletters, bulletin boards, assemblies, professional development, hot lunch and other fund raisers whenever possible.


Little Green Thumb Gardening

With the generous support of our Madonna Parent Council and our community sponsors, we are fortunate to offer a year round gardening experience.  We are members of “Little Green Thumb Gardening” Program.  This program is sponsored by Sustainable Foods Edmonton and they supply us with an indoor growing system, soil, seeds, and a variety of activities to encourage inquiry based learning.  In the past we have grown climbing beans, tomatoes, Swiss chard, peas, lettuce, sprouts, cucumbers, nasturtiums, marigolds, and sweet peas.  Not everything we try works out, like our watermelons.  We could growth vine but not get and fruit …. But this provided us with valuable opportunity to “wonder” and “explore” what happened?

We are also supported by Salisbury Greenhouse and Strathcona County in our outdoor garden boxes and flower beds.  Outside we grow sunflowers, pansies, hollyhocks, marigolds, peas, cucumbers, beets, carrots, climbing beans, cherry tomatoes, herbs, and kale.  Last year we had the magical experience of growing potatoes in bags …. Children were amazed to turn over the bag of soil to find purple potatoes tumbling out!  Children are introduced to pollinators, the life cycle of plants and insects, birds and small mammals who share our school yard and learn the value of patience and collaboration.