Flex Programming is Here!

We are excited to provide students with our newly developed Flex Programming Options. This is an opportunity for students to be given choice based on their individual interests. Through the use of project-based learning activities and “flex” time, teachers are able to provide students with extended learning opportunities. 

“The fundamental goal of education is to inspire all students to achieve success and fulfillment, and reach their full potential by developing the competencies of Engaged Thinkers and Ethical Citizens with an Entrepreneurial Spirit, who contribute to a strong and prosperous economy and society.” (Ministerial Order on Student Learning #001/2013)

Through-out the year there will be opportunities to register for various program options.

Flex Programming have included options such as:

  • Coding, Robotics and Bitsboz
  • Student Leadership
  • Paper Mache
  • Plasticine Projects
  • Sewing
  • Handbells
  • Fit Kids
  • Indoor Gardening
  • Story Book Creator
  • Birding
  • Drama Games
  • Lego STEM
  • Earth Club

We are an Apple School

As an Apple School, we at Madonna Catholic School strive to make the healthy choice an easychoice.  Healthy Living activities and information are not only part of our health cirriculum but extended to all areas of our school life.  Healthy nutrition, daily physical activity, and a postivie social environment are highlighted and promoted in our daily announcements, newsletters, bulletin boards, assemblies, professional development, hot lunch and other fund raisers whenever possible.

Madonna Catholic School Showcased on CFRN News

Recently, Madonna Catholic School was showcased on CFRN's Your Health segment for their amazing success with the APPLE nutritional and fitness participation. Check out Assistant Principal Harmata sharing his insight with viewers about how Madonna Catholic School has embraced this healthy initiative within their school.  

Swimming Program Fall 2018

Grade 1 to 4 students participate in Strathcona’s Swimming & Water Safety programs from October to December at the Emerald Hills Leisure Centre

These lessons provide students with the opportunity to enhance a variety of learning outcomes in the physical education curriculum, such as:

  • Improving upon functional level of fitness through participation
  • Experiencing and appreciating the health benefits that result from physical activity.
  • Acquiring and improving upon skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities in alternative environments
  • Interacting positively with others
  • Assuming responsibility to lead an active way of life

Participation in swimming lessons is on a pay per use basis and students will be required to pay prior to participating.

Please return form sent home September 18th by Thursday, September 20th.  Your co-operation is appreciated on this short turn-around time.  Swimming Program Fall 2018

Garden Club Is Growning

Garden in the works!

Garden in the works!

Thank you to Salisbury for donating the 4 Therma planter boxes, growing medium, coconut coir and top soil to expand our garden. Check out pictures of our seeds that have sprouted under About, then Photo Gallery.

Tournament of Books 2019

Starting February 25th, classes will read two books from a pool of 16 chosen titles for this tournament.  The classes will decide which book they like better and then that book will go up against a new selection.  The best liked book will continue on, and so on until a winner is declared!