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September 2016

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SMORE September 4th                          SMORE Dec 24th - Jan 8th

SMORE Sept 12th - 16th                        SMORE Jan 7th - 14th                        

SMORE Sept 18th - 24th                        SMORE Jan 15th - 22nd

SMORE Sept 24th - 30th                        SMORE Jan 23rd - 29th

SMORE Oct 2nd - 7th                             SMORE Jan 29th - Feb 3rd                              SMORE April 23rd - 30th

SMORE Oct 11th - 14th                          SMORE Feb 5th - 12th                                    SMORE April 30th - May 7th

SMORE Oct 17th - 21st                          SMORE Feb 12th - 19th                                   SMORE May 7th - May 14th

SMORE Oct 23rd to 29th                        No SMORE                                                       SMORE May 14th - May 21st

SMORE OCt 30th to Nov 4th                   SMORE Feb 26th - Mar 5th                             SMORE May 22nd to May 28th

SMORE Nov 6th - 11th                           SMORE March 5th - 12th                                  SMORE June 4th - 11th

SMORE Nov 20th - 25th                         SMORE Mar 19th - 23rd                                    SMORE June 12th - 17th

SMORE Nov 28 - Dec 2                          SMORE April 2nd - April 9th                              SMORE June 18th - 25th

SMORE Dec 4th - 10th                           SMORE April 9th - 13th                                     SMORE June 25th - 29th

SMORE Dec 11th - 18th                         SMORE April 16th - 22nd