Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  What time do the school doors open?

A1.  Student Doors open at 830am.  The main office door is open by 815am.  If your child arrives between 815 and 830am they are to enter the main doors and remain in the front area so that they are visible to staff in the building.  Supervision for students does not begin until 830am.


Q1.  Why do all visitors need to sign in at the office?

A1.  We are very coqnisant of the safety and security of your children and the staff in the school building.  ALL visitors sign in so that we have an accurate account of who is in the building at all times.


Q2.  When I arrive to pick up my child after school or at lunch, can I wait outside their classroom door?

A2.  It is distracting to children and the classroom to see parents and siblings outside the classroom door as their teacher is trying to prepare them for the day's end and dismissal.  Parents are able to wait at the main door entrance for pick up.


Q3.  What if I have to come pick up my child and they do not know that I will be there?  Or what if I am going to be late for pick up? Or need to pick them up during the day.

A3.  Please just let the office know and we will let the child know during the next classroom break. If case of an urgent matter, we will page the classroom immediatly and relay the message.  Students WILL NOT be disturbed during class time to come and answer a phone call. 


Q4  Do I need to sign in at the front office when I come into the school to drop off my child's books or lunch?

A4  No, you do not need to sign in, however you must come into the office and drop off the items. Office staff will then bring them down to your child or page them to come down and pick them up. 


Q5  I hear that I have to sign in and wear a 'visitor tag' that is visible to all children and staff in the building.  Why?

A5  This is a school division regulation and allows for easy identification of visitors and those who have not signed in.  This is a security measure that you can be confident in.  All adults in the building will be wearing either a staff tag, and EICS employee tag, or a visitor tag.  As a volunteer in the school you have the right to question those who are not identified, if they have signed in.


Q6  If my child is late for school due to an appointment, what should he/she do?

A6  At 855am all doors are locked, except for the main doors.Anyone arriving after the last bell (848am) should enter through the main doors and proceed driectly to the front office.  Students are to sign in as late arrivals.


Q7  When are early dismissal days?

A7  The first Wednesday of the school month.  Students are dismissed at 2:13pm