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Advent Challenge Basket of Blessings

Christmas Offerring to Support Lurana Shelter

Please feel free to donate to the Basket of Blessings Challenge.

Please donate online at the link below.

All monies raised will go to support Lurana Shelter. Lurana Shelter is part of the Sign of Hope / Catholic Social Services.

Lurana Shelter is a 21-day domestic abuse emergency shelter. The women and children who stay there have nowhere else to go. Their home is unsafe. They may have left their home with only the clothes on their back. When they arrive at Lurana CSS staff will give them a bedroom to stay in. Staff will also provide them with a Basket of Blessings purchased by the students, teachers and parents of Elk Island Catholic School Division.

A typical adult basket may include soap, toothbrushes and other toiletries, feminine hygiene products, make-up, hair brushes/combs and other basics.

A typical children’s basket may include necessities like soothers, a rattle or other small toy, a book, a small blanket. All adult and children’s Baskets of Blessings also include a teddy bear.

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