Valeda House and EICS

Elk Island Catholic Schools is proud to announce our adoption of Valeda House.  Valeda House is a ministry of Catholic Social Services serving as a home to up to six young women, who either have young children or are expecting.  In addition to being a home for these women for up to six months, Valeda House offers programs and support to allow these mothers to find long term housing and to address the underlying issues that may be associated with homelessness.  The call to support Valeda House, as well as to educate and create awareness, has been made.  Our Elk Island Catholic School family has answered the challenge of supporting and engaging in this ministry, which has served women from all or our communities, and which runs entirely on donated support.

Safe Arrival to Report an Absence

Using Safe Arrival you will be able to report your child's absence the following ways:

  • Using the Safe Arrival App
  • Calling 1-877-246-9970

Additional features with this software include:

  • Email confirmation when an absence is recorded inside Safe Arrival
  • Interactive callouts, allowing us to easily contact multiple people at once regarding unverified absences.



School News

Earth Club News - Rice Krispie Sale for SPCA

The Edmonton SPCA

The Edmonton SPCA

The Earth Club recently had their Rice Krispie sale where all the proceeds are donated to the Edmonton SPCA.  The Edmonton SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is dedicated to preventing cruelty towards animals.  In addition to protecting and providing shelter to strays and animals in danger, the SPCA deals with proper pet care and animal adoption. Thanks to all of Madonna's students' generous donations we were able to raise $200.00 for the Edmonton SPCA!  Imagine all the good they will be able to do for the animals in their care thanks to your donations!


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